Oz         Malcolm         Spanky      Nigel 
Here is a copy 
of the original 
photo on which 
the cartoon was 
based.  Does 
anyone recognize 
where  it  was 
taken?  Perhaps
the  pier  at
Dinner Key.

This Caricature of Spanky and Our Gang appeared in the August 1967 Issue of 16 Magazine. Kids were supposed to compare the top and bottom drawings to find the 5 errors. A button might be missing or a pocket or even just a line. Once you found the mistakes and circled them, you would mail in your entry and they would put them in a drum and select 5 winners. The first 5 people they selected who got the correct answers would each win $10. I remember seeing this same game in the comics section of the newspaper when I was a teenager. There would be a different picture each week of course and it was fun to see how long it would take to find all 5 errors. The photo on which this particular caricature was modeled was used in a number of fan magazines to accompany articles about the band.