Oz Bach

June 24, 1939 -
September 21, 1998

Oz in his familiar zookeeper's cap!

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    Who was Oz Bach? And how did Spanky and Our Gang get together? In the early 60's, Oz started playing coffeehouses as a folksinger/comedian. By the mid 60's, he was playing the circuit, sometimes teaming up with his buddy, Nigel Pickering, and at times playing bass for such artists as Odetta, Gordon Lightfoot, Linda Ronstadt, Josh White and Fred Neil. Spanky (Elaine) McFarlane had just left the New Wine Singers, and decided to vacation in Miami with a friend. The girls met Oz, who proceeded to show them around in grand style. One of the places he took them was the Gaslight Coffeehouse, on a night when Nigel was playing. They were introduced and the group hung out together. When a hurricane blew into town, they took refuge in a converted chicken coop. (This latter, becoming apparent once the storm set in!) Legend has it that to pass the time, they sang and played for nine straight hours. Spanky returned to Chicago and one bright February morning, Nigel showed up on Oz's doorstep and said "Let's go to Chicago and find Spanky!" For anyone not familiar with the folk music culture of the 60's, this was not so unusual. Many people who ended up at Woodstock, for instance, had no idea that's where they were headed when they started out! Once in Chicago, the boys hadn't a clue where Spanky lived. She had invited them to look her up if they were ever there, but neglected to give them an address. They were driving down a street and luckily just happened to spot her coming out of a brownstone! It so happened that she had just been asked to perform at Mother Blue's to open for Bob Gibson. Only one problem - she did not have a band. The timing was magical and the trio once again put their creative energies together and rehearsed every song they collectively knew. People crowded in to hear them night after night. Their tight vocal harmonies and hilarious patter between songs became their trademark. They attracted the attention of Mercury Records, who signed them and the rest is history! Before long they were joined by another friend and performer, Malcolm Hale, and they hired a drummer, John Seiter. Each of them was an accomplished solo performer, but onstage they brought out the best in one another. What distinguished them in the folk rock scene was the scope and variety of their material, which ranged from folk, blues and country to old standards and show tunes to novelty numbers, vaudeville and jug band music. After much touring and many appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Tonight Show, Away We Go, Hollywood Palace, John Davidson Show and others, Oz left the group to pursue writing and do further musical arranging.

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