Spooner Summit

Oz Bach - bass
Jonas Goldstein - fiddle
Dana Keller - pedal steel
Ned Frields - banjo
Kevin Hurley - guitar

History of Spooner Summit provided by Kevin Hurley.

Spooner Summit started with me and Jonas Goldstein (fiddle) - only we were not called that yet. We lived in Wilton Manors (Ft. Lauderdale) and we heard about this place in Miami called Coconut Grove. So we took a little trip down there one day. We stopped in to Monty's that morning for something to drink and the first person we met was Bobby Ingram. We asked "do you know a bass player?" And he said "DO I know a bass player!!" He then directed us to Rockerman Road where Oz was living, and the rest is history. We had several banjo players - the first one was Bruce Miles. He played really fast as he used a new style of banjo playing at the time (chromatic).  We also had another guitar player in the band by the name of Timothy Scnieder. He was a real nice guy who could sing real high harmonies.  By then we had found another banjo player, Ned Frields. Ned turned out to be one of the best friends I've ever had.  He was one of the funniest sweetest guys in the world. He played Earl Sruggs style banjo. He also played old time style banjo (frailing). He was with us until the band broke up.  Life can be tragic though; Ned worked for bell south as a linesman and was installing some underground cable and the tunnel collapsed on him and he was killed. One of the saddest days of my life. Anyway, at one point we added Dana Keller on pedal steel guitar and Bob Bouchelle on drums. For the most part It was Oz, Jonas, me, Ned and Dana. We had a lot of fun and at that time we were the best bluegrass band in all of South Florida without a doubt!!!!!