Oz and Sharon's Groovy Links!
I will always be adding new links, but here are
  some favorite places I want to share with all our friends!

Spanky and Our Gang
Mini Site
official site!

Meeting of Hearts
Bereavement Support

World Tunes -
Interesting Music
You Cant Find
Anywhere Else!
George Carlin

"Mama Cass" Elliot Official Site

"tunefan" JR's 
& Our Gang
Fred Berney's 
Old Time Radio
pages and
folk music links
Cool Page with
some fun stuff
Midi's and links

Tim has a Large Selection! 
He will even put
your vinyls on CD

Stu Scharf's Homepage
composer of
Like to Get to Know You


Spanky and Our Gang on CD!  CD Now and
Amazon.com have the Vivid Sound (Japan) re-releases as well
as the July, 1999 
Greatest Hits 
CD. (US)
 Click the links to go to hear Real Audio clips 
and/or purchase online.

Richard "Dick"
Moore's World
 interesting page 
disability links

Twig's Digs
Bob Terwilliger
clock maker & Renaissance man

Natalie Blakeslee-Smith 
Talented Reader and Medium

Kevin Hurley, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Some cool art work, Celtic and Medieval stuff
Coming Soon 
Many more 
lavalamp by 

Some really cool graphics

All of the friends we've had in passing through the years -
     Seems as though the list could never end!
They've seen us through it all, the sunshine and the tears -
     Wonder if we'll ever meet again . . .     Oz Bach