Oz's Resumé In His Own Words - Chronicle of an Extraordinary Life!

Studied Drama with Paul Nagel and David Feldman at the Actors' Workshop in Coral Gables, Florida.  Attended Miami-Dade Junior College and University of Miami after graduating from Coral Gables Senior High School in 1958.

Began playing guitar in 1962 and began to pursue actively a career as a folk singer - comic.  Began playing bass guitar in 1963 and went on the road as bassist, harmonica player, guitarist and singer for Josh White, Fred Niel, Tom Paxton, Odetta, Bob Gibson, Gordon Lightfoot and others.  It has been my privilege to work with George Carlin, Milton Berle, Jerry Lewis, Paul Williams, Mike Lipskin, Kim Carnes, Mama Cass Eliot, David Clayton-Thomas, David Steinberg, George Segal and many others.

In 1967, in Chicago, with three equally strange friends, formed an audio / visual / revue / show / skit / skat / what was that? / act called Spanky and Our Gang.  Two and one half years, seven million records, innumerable one-nighters and countless laughs later, the group, having successfully survived riding the rock and roll dragon, quietly disbanded to pursue various dreams and pleasures. (Mercury Records)

From 1969 to 1972, worked with various artists as a musician, arranger and singer - among them:  Linda Ronstadt, Steve Miller and Sergio Mendes.  Also formed two groups: "Wings" for ABC Dunhill Records, and "Tarantula" for A & M Records.  During this time, also attended many seminars and workshops in directing and producing film and live shows at U S C,  U C L A,  U C Berkeley, and San Francisco State.  At this time, became involved with writing and producing commercials and commercial jingles.

In 1972  became a producer/marketing-promotion representative for T K Productions in Miami;  1973, Bell Records special projects promotion representative;  1974, Vice President for promotion, Vegas Music International of Nevada.  1975-76, independent promotion representative, free-lancing for various companies.   1977-81, free lance production, direction, writing, blocking and staging for musical entertainment packages.

Honorary / Professional Organizations:  National Dramatic Honor Society,  National Forensic League,  American Federation of Musicians,  American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers,  American Federation of Television and Recording Artists.

FILM CREDITS:  The Emperor's New Clothes with John Carradine, 1968 - played the wandering minstrel.  A & M Presents, a specialty film for A & M Records, 1970 - played Jefe, a Mexican bandito.   Spanky and Our Gang Short Subject Special,  1967. (see AWARDS)

TELEVISION CREDITS;  Ed Sullivan Show (3), The Tonight Show - Johnny Carson (4),  Mike Douglas (4), Hollywood Palace (3), Away We Go (2), The Murray The K Special (2), Merv Griffin (1), John Davidson Special at Notre Dame (1), Various TV talk, quiz, game, interview, and dance shows in every major market in the USA, including my own variety / talk show aired from WKID - TV, Ft. Lauderdale, 1971-72.  Patsy Awards Show, 1970.

ALBUMS:  "Spanky & Our Gang, featuring 'Sunday Will Never Be the Same'" - Mercury, 1967,*  "Spanky & Our Gang, Live at the Gaslight" - Mercury, 1970.   "Wings" - A B C Dunhill, 1969.   "Tarantula" - A & M Records, 1970. (*'Makin' Every Minute Count,' 'Lazy Day').

LIVE STAGE CREDITS:  Our Town,  The Valiant,  The Remarkable Incident at Carson's Corners,  Psychodrama,  The Monkey's Paw,  Hello, Over There,  The Slaughter of the Innocents,  The Hungerers,  Arsenic and Old Lace,  Summer in the City with Oscar Brown, Jr.,  The Glass Menagerie,  The Rainmaker,  The Front Page, and numerous others.

AWARDS:  Emmy Award; 1st place, Miami Film Festival;  hon. men., New York Film Festival, all in 1977 for Froggie Went A' Courtin', Best Cartoon Short Under Five Minutes, musical and vocal arrangement. vocal and instrumental artist.  5 Gold Records, Cert., RIAA. Best Jingle, Florida Advertising Executives Guild, 1972, Best Jingle, San Francisco Advertising Association, 1970.  Best Entertainer, Pinellas Park Folk Festival, 1964, Best Entertainer, Sun Coast Folk Festival, 1963.  Best Actor of the Year, 1958. Best Actor, Theator 701 (2).

Oz Bach     1939 - 1998